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Main Features

Features:Multifunctional Traction Pillow│Home Furnishing | Electric Inflatable | Compound Hand Controller Adjustment
Description:[Lifting Massage]: The air bag is inflated to form internal pressure, which promotes the natural inverse C curvature of the cervical spine, which is soft and powerful, and more effective.
[Deep Traction]: Break through the traditional rigid device traction method, use the head power to do natural traction, which is more scientific.
[Vibration Massage]: Massage the neck muscles, relieve pressure comfortably, promote neck and blood circulation, and make it more comfortable.
[Technological Hot Compress]: Titanium nano-heating, warm-sensitive hot compress to relieve fatigue, heat evenly and faster.
Specifications:Product name: Lejia Smart Sleep Traction Pillow
Product net weight: 1.34Kg
Executive standard: GB4706.1-2005, GB4706.10-2008
Safety technology category: GB18401-2010B
Input voltage: AC220V 50/60Hz
Packing List:1 x Sleep Traction Pillow
LERAVAN Massage PillowIntelligent multi-mode | 5-speed Airbag Adjustment | Vibration Massage | Heating
4 FunctionAirbag Adjustable , Deep Traction , Vibration massage , Heating
5 -speed Airbag Height adjustment
Deep Traction-Correction Spine
Vibration massage
Hot Compress
Electric inflation and deflation, Remote control adjustment
Relieve neck pressure, massage for 15min
Comfortable Pillowcase, Memory ReboundLightweight and breathable pillowcase, high elastic memory pillow
Removable pillowcase
Package List :1 x LERAVAN Massage Pillow
1 x Remote Control
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