Youpin 3 Life Automatic USB Mini Touch Switch Rechargeable Wireless Water Pump Electric Water Dispenser XIAOMI Ecological Chain Product


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Main Features

Deteails technique
Brand: 3 life

Food grade material
Food grade silicone hose that can be used to make hoses and nipples in baby bottles

I pump quickly
It only takes a few seconds to fill a glass of water

Easily water
The tilt angle of the natural water flow does not require the hand to hold the kettle

Avoid overflow
Every time around 1.5 l (1 minute) is removed, it can be closed automatically, avoid forgetting to close and let the water overflow.

Integrated rechargeable battery
Integrated high-performance rechargeable lithium battery. No need to receive cables when pumping. Each time it is fully charged, it can pump approximately 120L of water.

Silicon wafer core microprocessor for accurate and fast identification of each operational signal

Two powerful arc magnets and three sets of independent electromagnetic coils, work together to deliver powerful thrust to the pump outlet

Pump body
The body of the 5 cylinder piston pump precisely controls 10 pieces of the silicone valve door, which can be opened and closed in sequence, and the water source is continuously removed.

Material: food grade silicone / stainless steel
Operation Methom:
Synchronization function: 2 hours or less
Power: USB charging

Package includes
1 x water pump
1 x USB Cable
1 x food grade silicone hose
1 extended type water inlet


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