XIOMI Mijia Lightweight Removable Portable Mosquito Killer USB Cable Suitable for Xiaomi Smart Home Kit


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Main Features

feature of product
The principle of inhalation and anti-mosquitoes is to use the ultraviolet light of mosquitoes to induce ultraviolet rays to enter the effective range of the mosquito killer, and then suck the airflow generated by the fan into the mosquito net.

360° open air duct design
360°ultraviolet violet light mosquito + 360° open air duct design increases the inhalation and coverage area, making mosquito-killing more efficient.

Violet Mosquito
Mosquitoes do not use volatile reagents for UV phototaxis. Dim light can reduce visual disturbance and is convenient for night use.

Smokeless, tasteless and dustless
No smoke, dust and pungent odors are produced during work, thereby reducing the possibility of respiratory discomfort.

USB powered
The mosquito killer is powered by the Micro USB interface and is compatible with most mobile phone chargers and power banks.

One-button operation
The entire machine has only one switch button on the top of the fuselage, and the finish and feel of the metallic paint have been polished by multiple layers of technology.

Mosquito net box
Removable storage box for easy disassembly and cleaning. Designed to be washable and easy to dry, which can reduce bacterial growth.

Mosquito design
Isolating air ducts and mosquito nets can reduce the escape of undead mosquitoes. The circulation mode design does not affect the wind.

Name: Cactus mosquito killer
Model: DSHJ-L-006
Input interface: Micro USB
Power: 1.5 watts
Input: DC5V-0.3A
Net weight: about 307g
Size: 120mm * 120mm * 150mm

Remarks: This is a Xiaomi ecological chain product, and there is no Xiaomi logo on the box


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