XIAOMI YIJIE Time-lapse Sprayer Bottle Fine Mist Water Flower Spray Bottles Moisture Atomizer Pot Housework


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Main Features

Description :
– Spray bottle mouth is only suitable for 0-50℃ pure water liquid, suitable for pure water, the viscous liquid can not be used
– The spray bottle uses a new high-quality environmentally-friendly PET material, which is integrated with a blow-molding molding.
– The white and clean bottle is equipped with a red flat-mouthed trigger, which is like an elegant white swan.
– The pressing spring passes the 30,000 fatigue test, the pressing is easy and effortless, the water outlet is finely polished, and the water is smooth and unobstructed.
– The pressure valve of the nozzle and the threaded snap design of the bottle mouth firmly lock the water in the bottle and rotate it upside down without leakage.
– The outlet pump has a certain water storage capacity, press the trigger to the bottom, and after the release,
the outlet pump continues to work, prolonging the nozzle fogging time.
– The outlet has a diameter of 0.3mm, high pressure and fine mouth, uniform water discharge, no air pressure, large spray area and fine atomization.


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