Xiaomi Xiaoai Smart Alarm Clock AI Voice Broadcast Clock ABS Watch Dersktop Watch Automatic Time Calibration Mi Home APP


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Main Features

1. Xiaomi Xiaoai's smart alarm clock is the same as the Xiaomi AI's speaker.
2. Must upgrade dynamic nap and meditation alerts to support
3. Translation function only supports Chinese and English
4. Check the road conditions, you need to fill in Mijia's travel information in the application.
5. Find a mobile phone, currently only supports looking for mobile phones.
6. It is recommended to place it against the wall and interact within 180° of the front of the screen for better radio reception.
7. Does not support Xiaomi TV voice command, box
8. About changing the time zone and time description
Solved a few simple steps.
• If you are connected to your home, disconnect from the app and use the clips on the back to reset • Calculate the time difference between China and you. • Shorten your time with this difference. • Connect your device to your home • Return the correct time to your phone, for example, in China, 23:00, I have 20:00. The difference is 3 hours. I put the time on the phone at 17:00. Once connected to the alarm 20:00.

Xiaomi Xiaoai intelligent voice broadcast clock
– Control various millet devices through voice control
A "housework" smart standby
– Large digital display, automatic perception
– Use the app Mijia

Product specifications:
Brand: millet

High quality ABS material
Mijia application
Clock function – dynamic wakeup
– Synchronous voice configuration
– Automatic calibration time
Weight 200g

Package Included:
1 x smart clock millet,1 x Power Adapter,1 x Manual


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