XIAOMI Robot STYJ02YM Sweeping Mopping Vacuum Cleaner Mi Robot PRO Home Automatic Dust Sterilize Smart Planned WIFI APP


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Main Features

Xiaomi mijia vacuum cleaner STJ02YM
3 kinds of aweeping mode Sweeping + Mopping Sweeping Mopping
Professional Mopping Path Design
Simulated manual cleaning, repeated two-way wipe
Intelligent Electronic Control Water TankPrecise control of water output,
long-term use without blockage,
3 modes of water, care for wooden floors
2100Pa Powerful SuctionEquipped with brushless motor, adjust the air duct design, easily absorb dust particles
2in 1:Water Tank+Dust BoxThe ratio of the dust box and the water tank is carefully adjusted, equipped with two kinds of lock water rags, sweeping the floor, mopping the floor, and completing it all at once.
LDS Laser Navigation SystemFaster speed, higher precision, farther range, more sensitive to obstacles
Mijia APP Remote ControlAppointment cleaning, zoned cleaning, not at home can also control
Sweep the floor mode
Sweeping+mopping mode and mopping mode
High Precision Sensor12 types of multi-directional sensors, sensitive to various complex environments, easy to avoid obstacles


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