XIAOMI MIJIA ZJ GT-301W Steamer Iron Mini Generator Travel Household Electric Garment cleaner Hanging Ironing Portable


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Main Features

* Hanging hot and ironing two in one.

* SteamPlus intelligent steam heating, fast heating, no damage to clothes.

* Long-lasting stable steam injection, straight line jet, steam is not dispersed, can be ironed for 7 to 8 minutes at one time.

* No complicated mode, suitable for a variety of fabrics, easy to operate.

* Unique secondary heating and supercharging technology, with aluminum alloy nozzle, ceramic glaze and negative ion powder panel.

* Dry steam, will not wet clothes, large ironing range, strong ability to remove wrinkles.

* Small and portable, light weight, small size, can put it in the trunk.

* One button operation, small sound when the button is pressed, and the steam is quickly controlled when the hand leaves the button.

* Triple safety line of defense, intelligent temperature control, fuse and anti-dry function.

* Arc panel, indicator light reminder, rotary button water tank, brush accessories, drooping extended power cord.

This product has a voltage of 220V, it does not support the United States / Canada / Japan.


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