Xiaomi Mijia Yijie Delay Spray Bottle Fine Mist Spray Bottle Moisturizing Sprayer Household Cleaning Tool


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Main Features


XIAOMI YIJIE YG-01 Time lapse spray bottle, fine spray spray bottle, moisture atomizer, pot, household cleaning tool

-The outlet diameter is 0.3mm, high-pressure fine nozzle, uniform water output, no air pressure, large spray area and fine atomization.
-The spray bottle mouth is only suitable for pure water and liquid at 0-50℃, suitable for pure water, and viscous liquids cannot be used
-The compression spring has passed the fatigue test of 30,000, and the compression is easy and free, and the water outlet is finely polished,
And the water is smooth and unobstructed.
-The outlet pump has a certain amount of water storage, press the trigger to the end, after releasing, the outlet pump continues to run,
Extend the fogging time of the nozzle.
-The mouthpiece pressure valve and bottle thread buckle design firmly lock the water in the bottle and rotate it up and down
No leakage
-The spray bottle is made of a new high-quality environmentally friendly PET material and is integrated with blow molding.
-The white and clean bottle is equipped with a red flat mouse trigger, just like an elegant white swan.


YIJIE brand
Model YG-01
Capacity 300Ml
PET material
White color
Weight 100g
Size 25×5.3×5.3mm

Package includes:
1 x Xiaomi YIJIE YG-01 White Spray Bottle

Note: the trigger and bottle are all in white color


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