Xiaomi Mijia Steamer Iron Mini Generator Travel Household Electric Garment Cleaner Hanging Ironing Portable


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Main Features

Hot in 30 seconds, no need to wait
Ironing efficiency
1200W high power, rapid preheating reduces waiting, while ironing quickly, avoiding damage to clothing caused by high temperature, reshaping neat lines in 30 seconds.

130°C aluminum die-casting panel
Instant setting, no damage to clothes
Using 130 ° C aluminum die-casting panel, the high temperature steam is re-vaporized and the temperature is firmly locked, dry ironing without dripping, instant shaping. Ceramic glaze coating, which fits perfectly with the clothes and irons the clothes smoothly.

High temperature sterilization and mite removal rate reaches 99.9%
Defend the cleanliness of the whole family
Under the multiple effects of pressurized steam and high temperature panel, it can ensure that the high temperature softens the clothing fibers from the outside, while effectively removing bacteria and mites, and ensuring the cleanliness and health of the clothes.


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