Xiaomi Mijia Smart Webcam With Battery 1080P APP Control IP65 Outdoor Wireless Smart IP Camera


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Main Features

1. Supporting gateway: This product includes camera gateway device, which can effectively enhance the stability of network signal during remote data transmission and effectively reduce camera power consumption. Inserting a Micro SD card into the gateway also enables local storage of alarm video.
2. AI Humanoid Detection: This product supports AI humanoid detection function, which can effectively reduce false positives and be more accurate.
3. Wireless installation: This product has built-in battery, no wiring required for installation, and both indoor and outdoor installation scenarios, independent adjustment.
4. PIR human body infrared sensor: This product has PIR human body infrared sensor to trigger the alarm, and the night vision distance can be up to 10m, so you can clearly see every detail even at night.
5. HD camera: This product uses a high-definition camera to clearly see every detail in the monitor.

1. This product is suitable for a variety of occasions, such as home, supermarkets, companies and other places, can monitor the situation at any time, very safe and practical.
2. This product has a high-definition camera, is compatible with a variety of devices, and it supports Micro SD card, very convenient.

Battery: 5100mAh
Product model: CMSXJ11A
Power input: 5V/2A
Operating temperature: 20°C ~ 50°C (low temperature environment will affect battery performance, the actual battery life will be reduced)
Diagonal: 120°
Wireless connection: WI-FI IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
Aperture: F2.6
Support system: Android4.4 or iOS 9.0 and above
Video encoding: H.264
Storage function: Micro SD card (supports up to 64GB, only supports FAT32 format)
Material: PC

Package Included:
1 x Xiaomi Mijia Smart IP Camera
1 x camera stand
1 x camera gateway
1 x wall hanging kit (with expansion screw kit)
1 x network cable
1 x manual
1 x gateway power adapter
1 x power cord


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