Xiaomi Mijia Mite Remover Brush for Home Bed Quilt UV-C Sterilization Disinfection Vacuum Cleaner 12kPa High Cyclone Suction


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Main Features

Main Features:
Plug and play, 5-step high efficiency and clean
99% sterilization, 90% removal of mites
Aiming at the characteristics of mites with long barbs and strong fecundity, the mites removal instrument integrates 5-step high-efficiency sterilization and removal of mites, which restores dry and clean mattress fabrics, and sleeps at ease.

10000 times/minute high-frequency beat
The independent motor drives the roller brush to rotate at a high speed and flap at the same time. The flapping area and vibration amplitude are larger. The mites with long barbs can't hook and grasp the fabric and can be easily shot out.

2300 rpm electric roller brush
The bristles are soft and the cleaning is deeper
The electric roller brush rotates at 2,300 revolutions per minute, and the soft bristles penetrate into the gaps in the fabric to sweep out the hidden dust and mites. It is gentle and clean without damaging the fabric.

12000Pa strong suction
The high-efficiency motor releases a large suction force of 12000Pa, which not only absorbs the dust and hair on the surface, but also pulls out the mites and their excrement hidden in the inner layer to remove allergens.

Large area coverage with UV-C light
The lamp tube covers a large area, and emits 254nm UV-C light, which penetrates and destroys the DNA of the bacteria and mite cells, and inactivates the DNA in a deep clean. Sleep away from the infestation of bacteria and mites.

50℃ hot air dehumidification
The smooth air duct conveys hot air at 50°C, penetrates into the depth of the mattress to dry sweat and moisture, restores fluffy and dryness, and destroys the living environment of bacteria and mites.

Cyclone deeply separates dust and gas
3-fold multi-effect filter, fresh exhaust
First, the dust particles are separated from the gas by the centrifugal force of the spiral wind, and then after three-fold filtration, the filtration efficiency for particles above 0.3μm is as high as 99%.

20cm open wide suction mouth to improve the efficiency of mite removal
Equipped with a 20cm open wide suction port to improve the efficiency of flapping, cleaning and vacuuming, fast and deep cleaning, time-saving and efficient

Sunken structure design
Good airtightness, promote cleaning on demand
The sunken design makes the center of gravity lower, which fits the mattress closely, and has better air tightness. With soft rubber pulleys, it can be pushed smoothly and turned at will to meet the needs of cleaning.

Meet the family's daily mites removal
Take out the mite removal device at any time to remove bacteria and mites from household fabrics, restore softness and cleanliness, so that you and your baby can feel at ease with them.

Washing filter components, for clean recycling
The stainless steel filter screen, filter element and filter sponge are easily disassembled, rinsed with clean water and then dried and recycled for easy cleaning.

Rated voltage: 220V
Rated power: 350W
Vacuum degree: greater than 12kPa
Noise: less than or equal to 78dB

Package Contents:
1 x Mite Removal Instrument
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x User Manual


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