XIAOMI MIJIA Infrared Pulse Antipruritic Stick Physical Mosquito Stop itch Plus Fast Insect Bite Relief Itching Skin Protect Pen


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Main Features

Infrared pulse antipruritic stick Main features

Infrared pulse technology, physical itching.
USB type-C charging, charging for 30 minutes, reusing 100 times.
Small and portable.
Itching in 10 seconds

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Infrared pulse antipruritic stick
Physical antipruritic,
so that mosquito bites are not annoying,
10 seconds to reduce the symptoms of itchy skin,
safe and environmentally friendly

Physical antipruritic, safe and reliable.
After the mosquito bites the human skin, it injects toxic saliva into the skin, causing itching.Tookfun.
After being bitten, the body will raise its body temperature to resist bacteria and viruses.
COKIT Antipruritic Stick mimics the reaction of the body to relieve the virus after being bitten.
Using the pulse wave technology and temperature to quickly eliminate the itching caused by mosquito saliva,
it is very safe and will not show symptoms of allergy.

Built-in motor, vibration massage is very comfortable
Built-in motor, fast response, low consumption, comfortable massage for bitten skin,
Effectively allows the bite skin to speed up blood circulation and accelerate the relief of itching.

Infrared pulse technology, relieve itching in 10 seconds,
Using lens to collect heat, through infrared pulse technology, the heat is introduced into the skin,
so that the itching protein in the mosquito saliva changes,

Specially designed 40 ℃ and 50 ℃, 2 different temperatures.
It is 50 ℃ when the red light is on, suitable for adults. Tookfun.
When the blue light is on, it is 40 ℃ Tookfun , suitable for babies.

1: It is forbidden to use for 0-1 year old baby.
2: Please use it with the help of parents.

MCH ceramic, energy saving and comfortable.
The head uses MCH ceramics, which produces heat quickly and evenly.
It is a safe material and does not irritate the skin.

200mAh battery,
After the battery is fully charged, it can be reused 100 times.

Can relieve the bites of mosquitoes, bees and ants
Small and portable, carry it with you and protect your children and family safely.


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