Xiaomi mijia Geometry Mini Lazy Fish Tank USB Charging Self-cleaning Aquarium


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Main Features

Geometry Mini Lazy Fish Tank USB Charging Self-cleaning Aquarium with 7 Colors LED Light from Xiaomi Youpin

Material: Cylinder block – PMMA, Case – ABS
Size:203 x 102 x 254mm
Color: White
Rated power: 5W
Rated voltage: 5V

1. Removalbe baffle design
Dividing the underwater space in two to meet feeding needs, also can protect the small fish.
2. Layered landscape
The upper layer keeps flowers and the lower layer keeps fish.
3. 7 color LED light
Fish Tank built-in 7 LED color atmosphere light, support free switch light color.
4. DIY landscaping
Bonsai can be combined with different colors in combination with your own preferences.
5. High efficiency filtration system
The upper filter cotton and the lower filter stone can effectively filter sundries.
6. With oxygen pump
The tank is equipped with oxygen pump, which can effectively control the contact between water and air,maintain continuous maintenance,increase the oxygen content in the water body,and also drive the water flow.
7.360° touch switch
360°non-shaped touch metal bar switch,hidden button design,and touch to achieve light changes.
8.USB charging
USB interface, DC power supply, mobile power supply.

Package Included:
1 Pc x Fish tank
(Include Fish tank main body, flower pot, filter stone, filter cotton, flower pot bracket, removalbe baffle.Not include other decorations)


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