Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Aromatherapy Machine Air Freshener Natural Essential Oil Fragrance Microporous Atomization Atomizer Quiet Mist Sprayer Fogger


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Main Features

● Automatic spray every 15 minutes
Open the whole day fragrance journey, let the home more fragrance.

● Natural Essential Oil Fragrance Formula
A bottle of perfume can use for 1-4 months* fragrance. Sea breeze, magnolia, cedar fragrance

● Microporous atomization technology, soft and fine
The fragrance is instantly released through hundreds of microns of fine pores, quickly diffusing into the air, bringing pleasant and comfort.

● 4 gears are optional
15min intermittent fragrance, change fragrance concentration at will, enjoy the feast of smell.

● Quiet accompany, fragrance guard
30dB* low decibels running, do not disturb you

● Enclosed design, keep the original flavor of the fragrance
Fragrance exposure to air is easy to oxidize, affecting the wonderful experience. Enclosed design avoid to contact with a lot of air.

● USB charging, super long standby.
With 2200mAh ultra-large capacity lithium battery, it can max last up to 4 months on once charge *.

● Compact body suits a variety of environments
Classic minimalist appearance design is suitable for putting in the living room, study, bedroom, bathroom, whether it is office work, or home life, are very applicable.

● Do not immerse the product in water or rinse it directly with water to avoid short circuit.
● Do not tilt the bottle when installing or replacing fragrance. If there is a small amount of liquid outflow is a normal phenomenon, wipe clean can be used normally.
● Do not use non-customized fragrance replacement, so as not to cause machine failure.
● Store the product in a cool place to avoid exposure to sunlight or close to a heat source; Do not place in the car for use;
● Do not tilt or turn upside down.
● Fragrance is not edible, such as eating please timely medical advice;
● Please keep out of reach of children;
● It is suggested that this product should be used in the space below 8-15 square meters. According to personal preference, choose the right mode.

Rated voltage DC 5V
Rated power 2.8W

Package Included:
1x Fragrance machine
1x Sweet atmosphere
1x Charging Cable
1x User Manual


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