Xiaomi Humidifier Household 5L Aroma Diffuser Deerma Humidifier Aromatherapy for Home Office


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Main Features

– The internal turbine air ventilator forms a circulation air duct, and the large hurricane condenses the water particles into bundles, which are sent to a high place at a flow rate of 330 mL per hour to form a humid air circulation to humidify
– The base occupies less than one A4 of paper, and can be placed anywhere without extra space.
– 5L large capacity, plus one water can be continuously humidified for up to 21.7 hours.
– With a transparent water gauge for easy viewing of the water level.
– The design of the umbrella-shaped shunting and fogging plate is added to the mist outlet, which can effectively block the output of the large mist droplets, and avoid the fogging of the droplets into agglomerated water droplets to wet the home.
– At the same time, the umbrella structure fogging plate can divert the mist evenly by 360°
– High and low pressure guide tube to send fog, only face the clean and not wet home
– 1~5um fog is as thin as silk, straight to the pores, no surface work
– The daily working sound of the humidifier is ≤35dB, quiet and undisturbed, no obvious water droplets
– Simple stepless fog knob, no need to adjust step by step
– Honeycomb activated carbon adsorbs foreign matter, cleans the air and cleans the fog
– ABS material is safe and tasteless, it is sturdy and resistant to falling.
– Built-in water level monitoring sensor will automatically stop working when it detects insufficient water level

Power: 25W
Capacity: 5L
Voltage: 220V~50Hz
Decibel: ≤35dB
Machine size: 219*201*304mm
Product gross weight: 1.5kg
Water addition method: ordinary water
Applicable scene: home
Type: Purified type
Applicable area: 10-15 square meters
Amount of fog: 330mL / h
Noise: 10db
Product net weight: 1.1kg
Material: ABS

Make sure the water tank is filled with water before use.
Do not touch any part of the product with wet hands.
Place the humidifier on a flat floor or other flat platform.
Add water vertically, it is recommended to stop adding water from the inlet 1cm; add water on the side, it is recommended to install to 85% stop adding water.

Packing list: machine, manual, certificate

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