XIAOMI HL Aroma diffuser humidifier air damper aromatic diffuser essential oil ultrasonic atomizer


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Main Features

Main features: – This product is suitable for home, office and so on. – This product has atomizing air, humidifying chamber and moisturizing function. – Support charging power, where to go, where to moisturize. – The product is stylish and beautiful. There is also a night light design to make your room more beautiful. Parameters: – Voltage: 5V – Capacity: 120ml Power: 5W Material: abs, pp – Atomization time: 6-10 hours Frequently Asked Questions: – Is the product tiltable when in use? Don't rely on your body. Otherwise, tilting can cause water to flow into the aromatherapy machine and cause damage. What water can I use for aromatherapy machines? Tap water and mineral water can be used. It is not recommended to use pure water or distilled water, otherwise it will affect the spray effect. – Can the data cable charge the phone? Matching data lines are only available for aromatherapy machines. Do not charge your phone. – How to clean and maintain? Do not rinse directly with a tap, use a soft cotton cloth or cotton swab.




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