Xiaomi Deerma VC50 Household Upright Vacuum Cleaner 250W 15000Pa Suction Handheld Cordless


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Main Features

Xiaomi Deerma VC50 Household Upright Vacuum Cleaner 250W 15000Pa Suction Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Home and Car

Powerful digital engine without broomstick
Sufficiently fast and endless to absorb, clean to the end. The new refreshless broomstick has a longer engine life, less friction (reducing software noise), and offers a 2 degree option (standard 6000 Pa/high quality 15000 Pa).

Two big drills + three big hair
Soft roller brushes and carbon fiber brushes, wear low-demand clothes to clean the floor / carpet, thoroughly clean your floor.

Suave PelusaCepillo de rodillo
Powder treatment + polishing soft floor (without damage to soil); smooth circular surface (to prevent hair winding), spiral electrostatic belt.

Triple Composite Carbon Fiber Roller Brush
1. Emission/Brush/Raspar 1, removal of dirt, high-speed rotation; soft and hard carbon fibers; rubber brush pull.

Here are three multifunctional brush heads.
Multi-layer cleaning, dust cleaning, easy to support, careful car interior and exterior.

LED polvo reflector
Avatar's Eye can easily clean up the dust in the house.

Power Supply for High Quality Lithium Batteries
High-quality lithium-ion batteries, small size, high energy. Improve circuit design to reduce power loss, easy to carry clean from the first floor to the second floor, suction is durable, clean and free to do whatever you want.

Dual Intensity Filtration Cyclone
Keep away from dust, breathe clean gas, dust has no way out.

Last photo
It's easy to use, clean and tidy, no redundant location, it's a landscape.


Nombre De aspiradora
Modelo VC50
Size of machine 1246 *230 212mm
Peso 4,56 kg
Voltage DC21.6V
Poder 250 W
La capacidad de 0.6l
Tiempo de carga 2,5 hours
Ruido ≤80bB

Package Content:


Dual-purpose base and its assembly accessories
Of carbon fiber cepillo
Soft velvet comb
Cepillo suave




Voltage (V)



Carpet Type

Power (W)


Special Suction Nozzle

Efficient Brush

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