Xiaomi 90Fun Mini Portable Multifunctional Sealing Machine Plastic Bag Manual Pressure Heater Food Sealing


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Main Features

Xiaomi 90fun NINETYGO Portable Mini Bag Sealer Handheld Heat Sealer Bag Sealer Plastic Bag Food Storage Fresh Snacks

1. This product is produced by Xiaomi Eco-Chain Company. There is no Xiaomi logo on the product and packaging. Thank you for your understanding.
2. Due to airport security issues, batteries are not included, thank you.


Mini bag sealing machine: The bag sealing machine uses the principle of hot-melt sealing to melt the things between the clips, which is suitable for a variety of plastic bags.
2-in-1 bag sealing machine and cutting knife: 2-in-1 mini heat sealing machine and blade can help you store leftover snacks, food, fruits, etc. to prevent residue and mold growth and keep food fresh
Safety: When using a safety lock, you cannot press it down after it is locked to prevent children from being squeezed or squeezed. The heating wire is hidden in the opening, it is difficult to touch and the high temperature seal is to prevent burns.
Compact portable device-easy to hold in the hand, can be conveniently placed in a pocket or bag. It has a magnet attached to the refrigerator at the bottom and a rear lanyard on the top, which can be hung on the refrigerator.


Material ABS/silicone/copper/nickel/ceramic
Rated voltage DC 3V
Executive standard GB4706.1-2005

The package includes:

1 x 90 interesting bag sealing machine


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