White Small Pet Flea Comb


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Name: Long handle flea comb
Specification: 14*3cm
Scope of application: dogs and cats and other pets, grooming and grooming tools.

Ultra-close pitch steel needles, the needles are thin and the ends are rounded, which can go deep into the bottom of the hair, and will not damage the hair and skin. It can effectively remove the tiny fleas from the pet while combing the fluff. Colored plastic handle with round end, non-slip design, easy to pinch, labor saving and convenient. Use a brush to clean the spacing of the comb needles before use. If there is dust or debris between the comb needles, it will affect the effect of flea removal. Keep the needle space clean. After combing out the fleas, immediately put them in a basin filled with soapy water to rinse and soak them to suffocate them to death.


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