Weiyuan Handheld Bladeless Fan Safety Strong Wind Low Noise Portable Handheld Leafless Fans USB Rechargeable Fans From Xiaomi Youpin


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Main Features

Leafless design, minimalist and safer
A new generation of hand-held fans, fully optimized design, lightweight and textured. Remove the unsafe factors in the leaf fan, elegant long hair without worrying about winding the fan blade, but also to satisfy the curiosity of children

Two-stage supercharging, bringing strong wind
A 7-wing diagonal impeller is used at the bottom to form a high-pressure air flow into the air, which is pressurized again through the air guide vanes and pushed to the air outlet at a wind speed of up to 7.52m/s

Ring high pressure, blowing soft natural wind
The ordinary bladed fan generates discontinuous wind from the airflow of the blade cutting, and the handheld bladeless fan uses high-pressure airflow to squeeze out the wind, bringing a comfortable feeling of delicate natural wind. Three-gear wind speed, cool and free to define

Multiple noise reduction to make the sound smaller
The "U-shaped" super large air inlet provides sufficient air volume, reduces motor power consumption and working sound, and effectively controls the source of noise. Sophisticated internal design keeps the modules in the handle running coaxially, and the high-pressure airflow passes silently. The fan running sound is controlled within 55dB, making it cooler and quieter

Beautiful and portable, versatile embellishment out of the street
Simple solid color, with exquisite and elegant design, small body can be put in a handbag or pocket, easy to carry, and transform into a fashionable embellishment at any time

Long-lasting battery life, cool for 10 hours
2000mAh durable high-performance battery, a gentle wind can last for 10 hours; the sun is hot, wherever you are, where the wind is

Designed by national industrial design team
The handheld leafless fan is designed by the national industrial design team that has won many international design awards, integrating art into life

Easy to clean
No ash

Lower center of gravity
Stand on the table smoothly

Anti-missing design
Place as you like

Type-C charging port
Convenient and versatile

Product parameters:
Air volume control third gear customs
Rated Capacity 2000mAh / 3.7V
Charging port USB Type-C
The charging time of 3 hours
Material ABS



Weiyuan Handheld Bladeless Fan

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