vidaXL Silica Gel Desiccant Bags 2 pcs 2 kg


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Main Features

These 2 nonwoven desiccant bags, containing 1 kg of silica gel each, are ideal for adsorbing excess moisture in your car, wardrobe, cabinet, etc. Silica gel is a universal desiccant which attracts and adsorbs water molecules very quickly. Compared to electric dryers, the advantage of using silica is that no power is needed, and it works automatically.With two hook and loop fasteners on the back, the bag can be easily kept in place. You can fix the bag to the dashboard of your car or your wardrobe. Made of high quality polypropylene, the nonwoven bag has a compact texture and is very sturdy. This dehumidification set is especially suitable for those who pursue an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

  • With hook and loop fasteners for easy fixation
  • Delivery includes 2 nonwoven bags of silica gel (2 kg in all)
  • Fabric: Polypropylene: 100%


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