Vention AFIB0 HDMI Network Extender HD Video To RJ45 Single Network Cable Transmission Conversion HDMI Signal Amplifier


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Brand: Vention
Model: AFIB0
Interface type: RJ45/HDMI/DC
Interface version: HDMI1.3
Resolution: 1080P 60HZ; 3D
Support Agreement: HDCP 1.2
Shell material: metal

Use the network cable version: CAT6, CAT7 (pure copper core), up to 60 meters
9.HDMI input and output length: <5m

Product Highlights:
1. Support 3D, 1080P resolution, high-definition transmission technology, and the picture quality is more clear.
2. Product principle: Connect the transmitter and receiver through CAT6/CAT7 network cable, break the HDMI transmission limit, and truly realize the long-distance image quality low-loss extension of one-to-one single network cable 60M.
3. Built-in high-performance Maxim chip, effectively convert HDMI signal and network signal to each other to achieve high-definition picture quality and long-distance low-loss display.
4. EDID can identify the basic parameters and attributes of the connected display device and automatically adjusted to the appropriate resolution.
5.Windows7/8/10, Mac OS, LINUX, multi-system compatible, plug and play, no drive or software installation required.</5m