VALUBOT K100 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1800PA Pet Hair Household Cleaning Robot Wet Mopping App wireless vacuum Automatic Recharge


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Main Features

The robot and the water tank are sent in two packages, and the water tank is sent from China
valubot K100 smart robot vacuum cleanerDedicated to families with pets and hairy
1800pa hurricane suction
Sweep vacuum mopping
Pressurized wet mopping
intelligent remote control
7.9CM height
55DB quiet desigh
Suction, sweep and drag in one stepBilateral brush(higher efficiency)
Vacuum suction port(Hair is not tangled)
Wet mopping care(Deep cleaning)
Automatic pressurized wet moppingBuilt-in pressurization device to make the rag and the ground contact more closely, and to wipe off the ground dust and liquid stains better
Automatic water seepage technology180ml large-capacity water tank, the rags evenly seep water, better absorb small particles, thoroughly remove dirt on the ground, and dry immediately, avoid slippery and care for the floor
Multiple Cleaning modespre-set your daily cleanning plan,the robot will clean the house every day even you are not in home
Mobile phone remote controlWhether at home or at work, you can use your phone to control cleaning
120 minutes long-lasting battery life2600 mAh large-capacity lithium battery, 150 square meters of space can be obtained with one charge
Warranty our warranty is 1 year,if you have any problem of robot,you can contact us,if out of warranty,we still support you,just contact me,we will try our best to help you
Note:1. To the liking of all other similar robots, the robot vacuum cleaner can not work on the black floor, If your carpet has large areas of black, it will be tacitly approved to be an obstacle and avoid this area because it thinks it is a precipice . Glue these photoreceptors with black / white / reddish brown tape, it will work normally on the black carpet.
2. The robot is designed with double anti-collision, infrared detection and front bumper. The walls and furniture are dark, the dark color will absorb the infrared, the infrared will be invisible and will depend on the frontal impact sensor.
3. European plug adapter (2-pin round pin). Most countries in Europe, most African countries, most countries in the Middle East, South Korea, Chile, Paraguay, etc.US plug adapter(2-pin flat pin).United State,Canada,most North and South American countries,Japan,Philippines,Thailand etc
4.we have Russia warehouse ,it is no tax need to pay


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