USB 3.1 540MB/s Flash Memory External SSD Solid State Drive Mobile Hard Drive for PC / Imac / MacBook / Android Type-C and More Digital Equipment


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Main Features

Important Tips:
Because the Windows system base is different from the hard disk manufacturer's capacity base, the actual storage capacity recognized by the computer is about 90% of the marked capacity.
128GB solid state drive, the actual usable is about 119GB.
256GB solid state drive, the actual usable is about 238GB.
512GB solid state drive, the actual usable is about 476GB.
1TB solid state drive, the actual usable use is about 1860GB.
If the hard disk is partitioned, it may also cause insufficient display. You can see the total capacity in the computer disk management.

1. Mobile storage PSSD, body interface Type-C USB3.1, Gen2 interface read speed up to 520MB/s. The peak speed of Gen1 or USB3.0 is about 400MB/s.
2. Lightweight and portable, with a 9mm thick metal shell, the body is only 9mm thick, with a balance of stability and speed between square inches. What attracts you is the lightness and fashion, and what impresses you is the quality.
3. Using M.2 interface high-speed SSD, save time and improve productivity. No mechanical parts inside, shockproof and portable.
Support MacBook to run Windows to go without taking up MacBook hard disk space.
4. This product supports WTG system, but you need to install it yourself. Just like buying a wallet, you need to put the money in yourself.
5. Game software storage, easy to run without lagging. Install games and software directly into the mobile solid-state hard drive, plug in the computer and run directly without occupying computer memory, plug and play. (Mac os system requires WTG to be installed)
6. The mobile phone is connected and plug-and-play for easy access to the contents of the solid state drive. Supports Typc-C Android smart phones, and can open mutual transfer in the ‘file management’ on the phone desktop.
7. Widely compatible with a variety of devices, support Windows, Mac os, and Android systems. Supports digital devices such as PC, Imac, MacBook, smart TV, Android Typc-C mobile phone.

What’s in the Box:
1 x External SSD
1 x Type-C to A Gen2 Data Cable
1 x Type-C 3.0 Connector


Read Speed



External SSD Solid State Drive





Product Size(L x W x H)

105mm x 32mm x 9mm



System support

ios,ANDROID,Mac os,Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10

External Interface

Type-C USB 3.1

Supporting Max. Hard Drive Capacity


Packing List

1 x External SSD / 1 x Type-C to A Gen2 Data Cable / 1 x Type-C 3.0 Connector


Mobile,Notebook,PC / Laptop / Desktop

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