TOPK I2009 20000mAh Powerbank Portable Dual Ports USB Charger External Battery


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Main Features

• Name: TOPK I2009 Power Bank
• Color: Black/ White/ Red
• Size: 140*60*27.6 mm
• Output Port: 10.5W (2*USB port)
• Input Port: Type-C/ Micro USB
• Rated Capacity: 13000mAh
• Capacity: 20000mAh
• Compatible for all Apple, Type C and Android devices.

• Dual Ports PowerBank: Two standard USB Output Ports support normal charging for compatible devices, save the charging time, the dual-port design supports to charge 2 devices simultaneously, makes the charging much more efficient and portable;
• Large Capacity: This charge powerbank could charge iPhone X 5 times, Samsung S9 5 times, Huawei P20 4.4 times. (The above data is for reference only, the specific rechargeable times, different times for different mobile phones.) Suitable for business, travel, going out, you don't have to worry about your phone low battery.
• Safety Protection: Built-in safeguards protect your devices against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging.
• Intelligent display power: Built-in 4 LED lights.
Four lights are on, the remaining battery is 76%-100%
Three lights are on, the remaining power is 51%-75%
Two lights are on, the remaining power is 26%-50%
One light is on, the remaining power is 1%-25% .

•Package include:
1 x TOPK 20000mAh PowerBank
1 x Micro USB Cable(for charge the powerbank)
1 x User Manual

Q:Power bank has two regular standard of capacity , one is the battery capacity, the other is the rated capacity. The 20000mAh power bank being labeled 20000mah/3.7v but the rated capacity is 13000mah/5V. Why?

A:The most important reason is the conversion rate. Because most of power bank's battery voltage is 3.7V, and power bank needs to increase the voltage to 5V when charging the mobile phone, which making the power bank's conversion efficiency only 3.7/5=74%. Also include generated heat when battery voltage boosting, and various of wire consumption, Electricity and self-consumption.
These add up to 30% -40% of the power of the mobile power supply, so the 20,000mAh mobile power supply can actually only be used 13000mAh by us.

About transportation time:
• For seller prepare time: 1-7 days;
• For delivery time: about 15-60 days (different logistics, different time);

If you have any questions about the product and the order, please contact us in time, we will reply and help you in the shortest possible time.


Battery Capacity(mAh)


Quality Certification


Input Interface

USB Type C,Micro USB

Output Interface

Type C,Double USB

Support Quick Charge Technology


Battery Type

Li-polymer Battery



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