SUAOKI LED Foldable Camping Lantern Light with Rechargeable Battery


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Main Features

【DUAL RECHARGING METHODS】 Re-charge via solar power or USB! The SUAOKI LED Lantern Lights offers dual re-charging methods to keep the LED Lantern Light powered up for longer.

【TRANSFORMER】 portable, foldable and durable, this lantern can be adjusted to any particular space to fit your current needs. It can be folded down completely to take the least space in your backpack (Size: 1.77inch when fully folded)

【THREE LIGHTING MODES】 The SUAOKI LED Lantern light comes with 3 lighting modes; High mode, Low mode, and SOS flashing – for any outdoor recreation or beacon call (emergencies); the lantern is able to work more than 10 hours in Low mode and 5 hours in high after one full charger.

【DUAL USE】 The SUAOKI LED Lantern Lights can be used as a regular Lantern flashlight, or as a power bank charger to charge your smartphones, tablets or any other gadgets with the built-in USB output port.

【VERSATILITY】 Ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, or as a lighting source for a late-at-night porch reading. This nifty gadget can also charge your smartphones & tablets.


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