Square E Head Electronic Hookah Vaporizer Kit with 2400mAh Battery Refillable Cartridge Shisha Vape Horse EHookah eHead


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Main Features

—-E-Head Descriptions:
The world's first, real portable electronic hookah. The Square E-Head connects to the top of your traditional hookah, making your existing hookah smoke free. That means no hot coals, no tobacco, no mess, and no smoke!

The Square E-Head is ideal for bars, hookah lounges, parties, and for in home use.The E-Head is rechargeable, and the vaporizer can be removed and refilled with your favorite juice. The Square E-Head is the perfect alternative to traditional hookah smoking.

—-Features of E-head:
1.Intelligient LCD display
2.Real hookah taste feeling and amazing huge vapor
3.Fit for all normal hookahs
4. Variable voltage,record your puffs
5.Changeable heating coil
6.Delicate appearance
7.Convenient to carry, easy to refill
8.Large capacity 2400mah, 8.0ml tank volume.

—-Package Includes:
1 – Rechargeable Square E-Head Control Panel
1 – Wall Charger
2 – 8.0mL Tanks
1 – User Manual




Package Contents

1 – Rechargeable Square E-Head Control Panel 1 – Wall Charger; 2 – 8.0mL Tanks; 1 – User Manual

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