SOUNESS Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush EU Version SN601 with 2 Brush Heads 3 Modes


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Main Features

Product color: black, white,
Features: High-quality brush head material: Food-grade PP material, safe and secure at the entrance, the brush head tilts forward 12 °, the brush head is close to the tooth surface, and the cleaning is more thorough
Ergonomic body design: exquisite appearance, comfortable grip, convenient and simple;
Unique curved bristles design: increase the contact area between the brush head and the teeth, using 0.12 and 0.15 bristles of different diameters for uniform and efficient cleaning.
Acoustic vibration technology: high frequency bristles vibrating up to 32600 times per minute, with wide bristles oscillating, penetrate between teeth for more thorough cleaning.
Indicative bristle replacement technology: Blue half pushed to remind replacement of brush head
Humanized intimate design with two vibration modes: clean, whitening, and sensitive.
Automatic timing: brush your teeth efficiently in 2 minutes, and automatically shut down after that.
Segmented timing reminder: Three shakes every 30 seconds to remind users to change direction and brush their teeth
Automatic memory function: After each use, the toothbrush speaks the selected mode, and the next time it is turned on, it automatically switches to the memorized mode.
IPX7 waterproof: can withstand immersion within 1 meter of the water bottom, who can clean it, short-term body and charging dock into the water does not affect performance and safety.
30 days long battery life: top-level battery, extra long standby, convenient for travel.
Wireless charging technology: USB charging. Wireless charging cradle, pick up available, put down charging. Safe and convenient.


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