Sothing Hand Warmer USB Power Bank Rechargeable Electric Warmer Heater Long-Life Mini Pocket Warmer Hand Heater


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Main Features

It is easy to feel cold on winter days. No matter where you are, this hand warmer can bring your lover warmth.
Feature intelligent identification of power consumption circuit, high temperature auto powering off, low voltage protection and smart charging.
The flexible heating sheet is heated at high speed and maintains a constant temperature of 50 degree celsius.
The 3600mAh high-capacity battery pack provides up to 4 hours of heat to meet daily needs to warm hands.
This hand warmer is so lightweight and portable that you can put it in your pocket.


Product Name: Hand Warmer
Battery: polymer lithium
battery Capacity: 3600mah
Input: DC5V 2A
Output: DC5V 2A
Product weight: 96g
Material:ABS+ aluminum


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