Snore Circle Snore Earset E4 Anti-snoring Device Snore Stopper


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Main Features

Snore Earset E4 is a physical anti-snoring device developed based on the principle of snoring. It monitors snoring through an intelligent snore recognition system, and uses a patented anti-snoring algorithm to accurately determine the snoring index of users. Upon detecting snoring, Snore Earset E4 physically intervenes with micro vibrations, which drive the nerve center of the brain to send out commands to tighten the muscles of the throat, thereby opening the airway to make breathing smoother. Snoring is therefore significantly reduced or completely stopped, all while ensuring undisturbed sleep. The free Sleeplus app monitors your sleep and allows you to view relevant sleep data, including snore data, intervention data, and sleep analysis reports.

What's in the package

1 X Snore Earset E4 Device

1 X Charging Cable

1 X User Manual




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