Smart Humidifier Silver Ion Antibacterial 4L 300ml/h Mist Discharge Humidity Quiet Air Purifier Mijia APP / Voice Control


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Main Features

Main Features:
● Mijia Smart Humidifier. Add water above easily and conveniently.
● The antibacterial rate of Ag+ was 99.9%, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria for a long time.
● The sensitive humidity sensor monitors the humidity in real time, and automatically adjusts the amount of fog to maintain the humidity within the setting range. Default constant 60% RH, which can be adjusted by connecting Mijia APP at 40% RH – 70% RH.
● Simple electronic control button, press to control the switch on and off, Wi-Fi function, rotate to switch 3 gears fog amount and constant humidity mode.
● 300ml/h fine water mist keeps skin moist for a long time. High fog cycle humidification, and avoid wetting the desktop floor.
● 4L large capacity, it can be humidified up to 26 hours at once adding water.
● 32dB quiet operation. When the first gear is running, it is only 32dB.
● Connect Xiaoai students and join the Mijia IOT family to realize one sentence to control humidifier.
● Mijia APP / voice control, you can also control the humidifier in your home through Mijia APP. Before you go home, open the humidifier.

Brand: Xiaomi Mijia
Model: MJJSQ04DY
Rated voltage/frequency: 220V-50HZ
Rated power: 25W
Tank capacity: 300mL/h
Humidification capacity: 4L
Net weight: 1.65kg
Working noise: ≤38dB
Product size: 190x190x324mm
Wireless connection: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.1 1b/g/n 2.4GHz

– Short press: Power on/off
– Long press for 3s: Connect Wi-Fi
– Rotate: Switching fog / constant humidity

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1x Mijia Smart Humidifier
1x Manuals






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