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1. About the actual capacity: due to the difference between the manufacturer and the equipment used in the capacity calculation standard, the actual capacity of any digital storage product is less than the nominal capacity, which is generally about 90% of the nominal capacity, which is completely normal. For actual capacity, please refer to: about 7.2g for 8g, 14.4g for 16g, 29.0g for 32g, 58.5g for 64g, 115g for 128G and 230g for 256g
2. About the read-write speed: class represents the read-write speed of the memory card, class4 is the normal speed card, and class10 is the high-speed card. For dash cam, video monitoring, high-end mobile phone, tablet computer and other equipment, it is recommended to purchase class10 high-speed card. The speed data in the description comes from the official marked speed, which is the ideal speed data. The actual speed is related to the use environment (such as different device configuration, different types of file storage speed, card reader, operating system)
3. About product verification: each memory card can be verified. Scratch off the coating layer and send the 18 Bit anti-counterfeiting code SMS to 10690990000 for verification, or web page verification: verify sandisk If you have any questions about the product, please call the official customer service hotline of Shandi for verification: 400-670-6711.
4. About the product after-sale: the genuine class4 enjoys 5-year warranty service; 48m / s enjoys 7-year warranty service; 80m / s enjoys 10-year warranty service; 90m / s, 95m / s and 300m / s enjoys lifetime warranty service; it can be jointly guaranteed in Shandi after-sales service center, or it can be directly sent to us for replacement with brand-new after-sales freight AA system 2


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Class 30




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Canon EOS 1,Canon EOS 5D,Canon EOS 60d,Canon EOS 50D,Canon EOS 400D,Canon EOS 350D,Canon EOS 20D,Canon EOS 30D,Canon EOS 300D,Canon EOS 10D

Support 4K Video Recording




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