Robot Vacuum Cleaner Intelligent Fall Arrest Sensor HEPA Filter with 3 Stage Cleaning System


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Main Features

【3 Cleaning Modes】: Robot Vacuum cleaner with 3 cleaning modes. Random cleaning mode with irregular route. Focus cleaning mode cleans a given square area by rotating it with high suction power. Auto cleaning mode is «L» route. The 3 modes can be changed by remote control at a distance of up to 3-4 meters.
【Performance】: Powerful suction of 800pa and 2 side brushes, the robot vacuum cleaner can take care of cleaning cigarette ash, dust, debris and Pet hair. Charge time: 4-6 hours. Cleaning time: 40-60 min. this robot vacuum cleaner will stay quiet (under72 db) when it's cleaning.
【Anti-Fall Infrared Sensor】 :The new-generation anti falling can detect location and change direction to prevent falls. Detection height range 1.18 to 2.75 inches.
【Extremely Thin & Flexibility】:With its 76mm thin body, the robot makes it easy to clean more areas, under the bed and sofa. Robot vacuum automatic cross obstacle of 0.59 inches, which allows to do cleaning through the parts. Robot is suitable for all hard floors, carpets and short-haired carpets.
【Double Efficient Filtering】: The HEPA filter removes even tiny dust particles from the air and protects you from allergy to pet hair. The 200ml dustbox an be easily emptied at any time.


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