Rifle Bipod Quick Detach Mount 6.5-9 Adjustable Fit 20mm Picatinny Rail


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Main Features


Color: Black
Weight: 13oz. / 362g
Adjustable Leg Lengths: 6.5-9 inch
Material: Aluminum
Fits 20mm Rail QD Mount Features Full Pan & Tilt

1. The best Bipod outdoors, quick disassembly head can not only be quickly disassembled, but also can swing.
2. Not only can have independent movement of the legs, and can be 45 degrees ahead or backward position, in the traditional 90-degree position, facing forward or backward directly through the 180 arc locked in five positions.
3. It provides the shooter with an adjustable 30 degree pan and tilt for perfect use in uneven terrain, making it easy to aim the crosshairs on the target.
4. Providing the strength and stability of the striker needs, and folding design, easy to carry.
5. Our bipod outdoors will give you a good shooting experience.

Package Included

1 x 6.5 – 9 Tactical Rifle Bipod with Mount


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