Reusable Pure Cotton Face Mask Washable Face Mask with Filters Breather Valve


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Main Features

Outer Layer: 100% Pure cotton. It offers better heat insulation and durability than ordinary masks.
Middle Layer: Non-woven fabrics layer. It is soft and won't be deformed
even after being washed many times.
Inner Layer: A composed of a composite of superfine fibers.
It is soft, comfortable to wear and absorbs moisture effectively.

User precautions
This product is a personal hygiene product. Do not share it with others.If rash or discomfort occurs during use, please stop using it and seek medical treatment immediately.
When the concentration of pollutants is too high to endanger life or health, this mask is not suitable for use.

Products Particulars
Name – WHITINE PM 2.5 Fabric Face Mask
Description – Limited Facial respiratory protection device. ONLY for non-medical use.
Wash After Each Use – Wash and Disinfect the Face Mask after each use with warm, soapy water.
The filter is recommended daily replacement.


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