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Raldey Carbon AT V.1 all-terrain electric skateboard

The Raldey Carbon AT takes the off-road electric skateboard to the next level with power and precision. Packing 6368 dual belt motors with 1500 watts each, it has the ability to effortlessly launch riders up massive inclines and hit speeds up to 28mph with the 195mm wheel option.

Featuring all-terrain airless wheels and double kingpin trucks, riders can easily carve and glide through the roughest of terrain. From rough city streets to rural dirt trails, the Carbon AT powers through it all with wide 10 inch trucks for stability.
The Carbon AT’s deck is comprised of Japanese T700 carbon fiber for a lightweight and sleek setup for the electronics and battery enclosure. With the 14ah 10s4p SANYO GA battery option, you can expect a flat terrain range of up to 19 miles.
Raldey uses a custom-designed and tweaked Hobbywing ESC for optimal riding control. With an LCD display remote containing three-speed modes, you’ll have a smooth but powerful experience riding the Carbon AT.
Please Be Aware: The Raldey Carbon AT is very powerful. Wear a helmet and proper protection at all times. Serious injury or even death can occur if the rider is misusing this product and not wearing proper protection. Have fun and please be safe!
Note: The Board & Remote cannot be fully charged under transportation, so please charge Board & Remote to full before your first ride.

Raldey Carbon All Terrain Electric Skateboard
Bluetooth Remote with LCD Display
AC Wall Charger
USB Charger
Skate Tool
User Manual

Wheel options: 165mm (6.5in) / 195mm (7.5in)
Product Dimension: 1020*137*165mm (40” by 5.4” by 6.5”)/ 1020*137*195mm (40” by 5.4” by 7.5”)
Weight: 10.7kg
Deck: 100% Japanese T700 Carbon fiber, light weight and sleek
Max Load: 120kg (265lbs)
Top Speed: 46km/h (28.5mph) (with the 195mm wheels)
Hill Grade: 30%
Battery: 14Ah 42V SANYO GA
Range: 30km (19miles)
Motors: Two, each 6368, 1500W
Maximum weight limit:240 lbs

All Raldey Boards come with a 180 Day Standard Warranty which covers any manufacturing defects.
Raldey boards are built using the best configuration of motors, controllers, and batteries. We test all individual parts and run each Raldey Board for 210 minutes before packaging it up for shipment.
All components, such as an extra charger or battery can be purchased separately in our shop. The Raldey board can be easily repaired by replacing the broken part. We will always diagnose and send free replacement parts for boards under warranty. Shipping fees will be collected.
We are responsible for diagnosing and sending free parts until the board is fixed. For example, if we sent a battery and the problem still exists, we will keep sending ESC, Remote, Motors, or whatever is needed until the moment the right part is replaced and the board is fixed.
We reply to all questions within 1-2 days. You can get replacement parts within 2-4 days if there is ever an issue with your board.


Package Content

1 x Completely Assembled eBoard; 1 x OLED Remote with USB Charging Cable; 1 x Certificated Charger; 1 x DC Port Charger Adapter (US,AU, or EU plug up to your location); 1 x T-tool; 1 x User Manual

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