Pure Essential Oil Diffuser Pure Wood Aromatherapy Diffuser No Heat No Water No Plastic Required


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Main Features

No Heat No Water No Plastic No Cleaning Required Oil Diffuser-Works with 100% pure essential oils. No water to dilute the scent or to grow mold. No heat to change the therapeutic properties of your oils. No plastic to leech toxic chemicals.No cleaning to enjoy your life easily.
How It Works-Drop the essential oil into the center(Slow evaporation) of the wood (Rapid evaporation),The natural volatilization is more environmentally friendly,abandoning the volatilization mode of the traditional roasting of candles,Reaching the effect of diffusing aroma without doping the candle flavor.
Change Your Environment and Improve Your Life-Pure essential oil is valued for the ability to calm, stimulate, disinfect, deodorize and heal.It is perfect for spas, massage studios, yoga studios and any users who want their home/ space filled with essential oil aroma. These units also make amazing and memorable gifts as they are stunningly beautiful, hand blown pieces of functional art.
Longer Life Expectation With Pure Solid Wood Structure-Made of 100% pure solid wood which has good permeability, After using the essential oil for long time, The oil will be Penetrated into the wood fiber, the fragrance of essential oil joins the scent of wood, which make the essential oil bring the biggest effect and the wood be full of life and spirit.
SIZE Dimension:42 cm x 42 cm , No included essential oil .
1*Pure Essential Oil Diffuser Pure Wood(No included essential oil )
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Compound Essential Oil

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