Portable Mini Rechargeable Leafless Fan Travel Fan Xiaomi Ecosystem Product


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Main Features

Xiaomi Youpin’s leafless portable fan, rechargeable mini portable fan, leafless fan, leafless handheld fan, travel cooling fan, air fan

Before ordering, please note:

It is a product of Youpin's ecological chain [There is no Xiaomi logo on it]

Thank you for your understanding!


Model: F1

Adjustable air volume: 3 wind speed

Charging interface: USB Type C

Battery capacity: 2000mAh

Working time: 10 hours

Size: 57.5 * 69 * 195.5mm

Weight: 137 grams

main feature:

Three speed settings can meet different needs.

The low-noise personal fan prevents you from distracting yourself.

The intelligent bladeless fan can provide fresh air flow without the risk of finger injury and is safe to use.

Built-in 2000mAh battery, working time up to 10 hours.

The convertible design allows you to hold it in your hand and place it on the table.

Laptop without fan blades

Greet the most beautiful leafless wind | Gale

Low noise | beautiful and portable | durable


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