Portable Air Conditioner Fan Personal Space Mini Evaporative


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Main Features

Cordless Air Conditioner Fan: True wireless and portable design, small size, which won't take up a lot of space and can easily carry to anywhere. In summer, the best choice for camping and you can easily carry it out, very suitable for homes, offices, outdoor picnics, etc. (Rechargeable with Mobile devices for power supply)
Ultrasound Spray Cooling Technology: LoweXII portable air conditioner uses ultrasonic atomization technology to atomize the water in the water tank into ultra-fine water molecules, the fan blows out the cool and humid air. Our air cooler can cool the surrounding air, and do not make your skin feel dry.
Have a More Comfortable Area: Unlike other air conditioners, our products can be added with ice cubes and essential oils. Add ice cubes to the water tank and add essential oils to the sponge, you will immediately feel the magic of the product, the wind will be cooler and smell good. This would be a good choice.
3 Speed Wind Mode and Auto Oscillation: The air cooler features with 3 wind modes (Low/Med/High) and the air cooler that supports maximum 120 degree Oscillation from left to right, cooling your surroundings and sharing the coolness with your families or friends. Personal air conditioner cooler, fan, air humidifier, 3 in 1 multifunction design take you away from the hot summer, enjoy your cooling summer.


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