Pluscig V10 Heating Vape Kit 900mAh Electronic Cigarette for Heating Tobacco Cartridge compatibility with iqos stick


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Main Features

Model:Pluscig V10
Package: Gift Box
Input Voltage 5V
Output Voltage 3.7V
Battery Capacity 900mAh
Working:Insert cartridge,heating with low temperature
Smoking Time:3.5-4minutes
Charge Micro USB(Please choose an adaptor for charging.)
Charge time 900mAh(1.5~2H)
Protection:There are over charge,over current protection
Heating rod Heating rod works with constant temperature


1. The product must not be disassembled;Otherwise, the product is not covered under warranty.
2. Do not throw the product at will, man-made damage is not in the warranty scope.
3. The product does not have waterproof function;Water intake is not covered by warranty.
4 .To ch​​arge the product, please choose an adapter with safety certification, and the charging voltage DC cannot exceed 5.5V.
5 .When charging the product, please stay away from the high temperature environment or near the ignition source;
6. During heating and smoking, please do not remove the smoke compartment and anti-perm cover to prevent scalding.
7. When the battery is low, please recharge.
8. When the charging line is inserted into the device during smoking process, the smoking process will be interrupted and charged.If the charging line is removed within 3.5-4 minutes, the device continue heating;Over 3.5-4 minutes, the heating stops;
9.This product is suitable for adults, please stay away from children, pregnant women, patients and pets.
10. Nicotine – containing tobacco or smoke bombs are not available.

3.Packing list

Pluscig V10 *1 Piece
Micro USB cable *1Piece
cotton swab *1
User manual *1 Piece
QC card * 1Piece
box * 1 set

4.How To Use:

This product is built-in 900mAh high rate lithium battery, with a bar-shaped heating heating atomizer.Heating component can not be disassembled.Detailed description of the functions as follows

1.:Power on and Heating
Insert the cartridge into the cartridges holder, slide the fire button to ON for turning on the device,the light flashes and it starts heating the cartridge;when finish heating, the light display last long time and has vibration to remind the users. User can start smoking when heating completed.
2.During smoking, the heating time last 3.5-4 minutes
3. When the device finish heating it has vibration prompt,and the light goes off the device turn off;please repeat the step 1 when you want to smoke again.
4. Turn off: when finish heating, slide the fire button to OFF, red light flash,the device will turn off
5. Charging:please turn off the device select appropriate adapter to connect to the USB cable,and connect the device micro USB port to charge it. During charging, the device’s red light will always be on ,when the battery is full charged, the light goes off.


Package size (L x W x H)



Pluscig V10

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Package weight


Power Supply

Built-in rechargeable battery



Charge way


Accessories Type

Cleaning Tools

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Package Contents

Pluscig V10 *1 Piece Micro USB cable *1Piece cotton swab *1 User manual *1 Piece QC card * 1Piece box * 1 set

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