Pluscig P7 Charged Electronic Cigarette Vape Box Up to 38-45 Continuous Smokable for IQOS Heating Tobacco Stick


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Main Features

Pluscig P7

Pluscig P7 kit is an innovative heating kit compatible with brand tobacco cigarette cartridge.
With the unique heating element, it can quickly raise the temperature
To bring the real flavor as well as prolonging the lifespan of the device.
With a 3500mAh built-in Samsung battery and integrated design for easier operation,
It will bring you an excellent vaping!Grab the Pluscig P7 in palms and enjoy vaping!
Large capacity-Original Samsung 3500mAh battery

Large capacity allows you to enjoy free joy,
Give you peace of mind without hidden dangers.
Up to 38-45 Heating Tobacco sticks continuous smokable at lowest temperature degree(250 ℃).
Ceramic Heating

The kit utilizes Ceramic heating rod which is fast heating and provides better flavor, smoother temperature.
It also comes with cleaning function.
it can burn out all of tobacco dregs.
User-friendly settings

1.Top dust cover design for easy hygiene-Close immediately after use, eliminate dust troubles.Sliding mechanism helps you operate easily.
2.Customers can check battery level and smoking count.
3.Set smoking time and temperature according to personal needs.
4.Temperature adjustment range is 250-330 ℃.
5.All setting can be memorized and get rid of the hassle of resetting
The Kit Include-Standard Edition

·1 x Pluscig P7(3500mAh) ·1 x USB Cable ·1 x Certificate ·1 x User Manual ·1 x Cotton swab bag

6 month warranty: purchase with confidence! (Excluding the accessories)
​If non-artificial damage within 6 months, we can send the necessary spare parts with your next order for your replacement.Or you can still send it back to us.We will send you a replacement after receiving the defective item. You just need to pay the extra shipping fee.


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1 x Pluscig P7(3500mAh) ·1 x USB Cable·1 x Certificate ·1 x User Manual·1 x Cotton swab bag

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