PETNF 2020 Newest Upgraded Cat Fountain Dog Cat Water Fountain


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Main Features

🐱Large Capacity & Multiple Filtering & Increase Water Quality:100oz/3L water capacity is perfect for dogs , cats , multiple pet households. Layered multiple circulation filtration for pet health fresh water, high-density and high-content activated carbon filter matched with white high-density filter cotton to achieve multiple filtration, which can effectively maintain water quality, increase oxygen content, protect the health of pets. Recommended to change the filters every 2~4 weeks.

🐾Fully Transparency & Super Easy to Clean:Transparent design the water fountain tank has no extra bumps makes the goods full of modern sense, beautiful shape cat fountain, clearly know the water level and cleanliness, more convenient to add water and clean pet fountain

🐶Silent Energy Saving & Two Modes:Under normal operating conditions less than 38 dB, pump noise control at about 30 dB, spring and faucet two modes for different pet preferences,Your pet will like to drink water with dog water fountain/cat water fountain

🐾Emergency Water Storage:300ML large-capacity water storage design on the top floor can be used for emergency situations. In case of power failure or other special cases, your pets still have water to drink. Built-in water shortage and power off pump, avoid the hidden risk of dry burning.

🎁Circular flow & Healthy Running Water: This Cat Dog fountain has Circular water flow design, float hair and debris into the next level filter, drinking water position to maintain a clean state by using this pet water fountain


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