Outdoor High-power Wireless Bridge AP Directional Transmission CPE Engineering Company Security Monitoring


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Main Features

CF-E130N V2 is a wireless network bridge that works in the 2.4GHz frequency band. It is suitable for the transmission of wireless signals in security monitoring projects. It has the characteristics of flexible and convenient project installation, simple setting, and stable transmission. It is an essential tool for wireless monitoring projects. .

Adapt to various outdoor harsh environments
CF-E130N V2 strictly selects the shell material and refined design
Plan to ensure that the equipment has three anti-four-proof standards, including waterproof,
Anti-lightning, anti-freeze, anti-vibration; anti-oxidation, anti-extrusion, anti-high
temperature. All kinds of harsh outdoor environments can be dealt with calmly.

Rich and practical software functions
CF-E130NV2 software supports SSID broadcast hiding function,
Can easily help engineering users to prevent rubbing network. Also supports automatic
Channel selection and transmit power adjustment, various practical
The software function assists the user to do the project well.

POE power supply, flexible and convenient, cost saving
CF-E130N V2 supports POE power supply, a network cable is
It can realize the integrated transmission of network signal and power, outdoor work
The problem of power processing has been well solved, simplifying the project
It can also help users save costs.

Qualcomm chip solution, quality assurance
CF-E130N V2 uses Qualcomm QCA9531
65OMHz chip solution, Qualcomm chip solution has been repeated
Application and practice, its stability and functionality have shown ten
Excellent points, won the trust of the majority of engineering users.


Transmission Rate


Network Protocols

IEEE 802.11b,IEEE 802.11g,IEEE 802.11n

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