Original ZMI Mosquito Repeller Super Mini Electric Pest Killer for Camping Fishing Outdoor Portable Device Mosqutio Killer Dispeller


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Main Features

Main Features:
– Battery powered, centrifugal evaporation.
– Insect repellent is safe and healthy, no irritating smell.
– Transparent coverage to prevent misuse and waste.
– Rounded corner design, anti-mosquito, no spraying.

– Using time: 200 hours (one piece)
– Mosquito repellent range: less than 28 square meter

Common Problems:
– Can the product kill mosquitoes?
Only mosquitoes can be driven away within a certain range and cannot be killed.
– Is the mosquito repellent a one-off product?
No, mosquito coils and batteries can be replaced after they are used up.
– Need to plug in?
No need. This product is battery powered.

Package Includes :
1 x ZMI Portable Mosquito Dispeller
1 x ZMI Transparent Protection Cover
1 x Portable Rope
2 x ZMI Mosquito Repellents Piece


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