Original Xiaomi Mijia Sonic Electric Toothbrush T500 Mi Home APP Smart Control and Original Toothbrush Head


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Main Features

1. Acoustic Magnetic suspension motor High Performance
More than 31000 beats per minute Vibration, torque, Output Power of up to 230gf. Cm *, more efficient delivery to the Brush Plate, Hollow teeth Cleaning

2. Brush Head without oxide of High Density
The Metal free design makes the Brush Head will not Rust, environmentally friendly and healthy.The Soft Bristles used High Quality selected by Dupont of the United States, the process of High Density Planting to increase approximately 40 per cent of the gross amount. Each Sow is worn to prevent sanding, Gums, Hair, Scratch the surface of the teeth.

3. Customize a variety of Patterns of brushing
Sound Wave meter Electric toothbrush via Key Switch to change the standard, smooth and custom, the user can choose to Brush The Dental pattern to meet the basic Daily needs cleaning.

4. Brushing posture Recognition and Generation of reports

The gentle advanced sonic technology gives you the confident smell and fresh breath every morning.Xiaomi Sonic Toothbrushoffers optimal comfort with a truly deep clean for you with its high-efficiency magnetic levitation motor and high-density planting brush. The brush can clean your teeth and gums, whiten your teeth, prevent tooth decay, remove plaque, coffee stain and calculus. Use the standard clean mode to complete your everyday tooth cleaning route, or the gentle mode to take care of your gum health. You can use the APP to customize the cleaning mode ( brushing time, brushing strength, and other functions ) according to your daily habits and special needs. The 6 built-in high-precision sensors can detect your brushing gesture, and record the brushing area and the stay time, and the APP will analyze the data to give your the brushing score.

Voltage rating: 3.7V
Power rating: 2W
Waterproof rating: IPX7 ( toothbrush and charging dock )
Charging time: more than 12h

Package Contents:
1 x Electric Toothbrush Handle
3 x Color Ring
1 x USB Charging Base
1 x Brush Head
1 x Brush Head Cover
1 x Power Shaft Protection Cover
1 x User Manual



Acoustic Wave

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