Original Xiaomi Mijia Hair Ball Trimmer Home Rechargeable Smart Hair Ball Trimmer


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Main Features

Product Parameters
Rated Voltage DC 3.7V
Power Rating 2W
Product Size 145 X 62 X 65mm

Down Jackets The Lace Material The Uneven Surface ( Rivet The Plastic Decorative Sheet, Etc.) Is Not Recommended .

Hair Ball Trimmer
Efficient Cleaning And Hair Removal Ball , Easy Care And New Clothes
0.35mm Micro Arc Protective Net
5 Whirlwind Floating Blade
90 Minutes Long Endurance
0.35mm Micro Arc Knife Network
Avoid Damage To Clothing Caused By Deformation Of Pressing Cutter Net
5 Whirlwind Floating Blade
Increase Shear Efficiency , Efficient Hair Removal Ball
Negative Pressure Centrifugal Fan Blade
New Design , Stable And Reliable Suctio
Design Of Anti Return Air Duct
Avoid The Backflow Of Wool Ball And Scurf To Contaminate The Clothes
Double Safety Protection Device
90 Minute Range


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