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Main Features

Product Model: XMYXSB01MW
Resolution: 50-7200dpi
Maximum speed: 150ips

Main Feature:

1.Wired / wireless switching, whatever you want
Xiaomi gaming mouse has two connection modes: wired / 2.4G wireless. The wired connection method is used for entertainment, which has more stability and super fast transmission speed.
When switching to wireless mode, Xiaomi gaming mouse can also become your effective assistant for entertainment and office. You can switch between the two modes easily.

2.All-round weapon for games
The Xiaomi gaming mouse is equipped with professional gaming optical sensors, a powerful high-performance engine and an on-board memory chip. With programmable buttons, variable speed DPI, RGB colorful lights and many other functions.
Micro-motion design and more reasonable ergonomic design can fully meet the player's pursuit of gaming mouse feel and performance.

3.7200DPI Gaming Optical Sensor.Quick and precise operation
The Xiaomi gaming mouse is equipped with a 5-speed adjustable 7200DPI gaming optical sensor, which can ensure the data is tracked indifferently, making the accuracy, tracking speed and operation consistency of the use even better. Let every operation of the player be accurately converted into in-game actions without missing any key fighters.

4.Adjustable DPI plus / minus buttons in 5 speed games
Two upshift and downshift buttons allow quick adjustment of DPI speed, with a total of 5 gears to choose from. Three on the left side of the mouse.The DPI indicator can display the current DPI gear in real time.

5.Excellent performance and more brilliant lights
The special light setting function of the Xiaomi gaming mouse allows users to independently set the RGB colorful lights of the headlight and taillight zones, and can also display a variety of lighting effects.

6.32-bit ARM processor,4-speed adjustable reporting rate
The Xiaomi gaming mouse is equipped with a 32-bit ARM processor, which makes the device respond faster and let you operate more freely. The software can also set the gear reporting rates of 125, 250, 500, and 1000, which can fully meet the individual needs of different players.

7.6 keys can be customized for easy operation
The six buttons of the Xiaomi gaming mouse can be set independently through the software according to the player's needs. You can also set the key combination to make the mouse more

8.Quick aiming button to help you stabilize and accurate
The Xiaomi gaming mouse is specially designed with a fast aiming key. When the player presses and holds the Quick Aim key in the game, the DPI will be adjusted to a preset low value.Can help players to make more accurate aiming shooting.

9.More rugged Teflon feet
The Xiaomi gaming mouse uses a foot pad made of Teflon material, which is more durable and can greatly increase the life of the mouse.

10.Ergonomic design makes it feel more comfortable
The Xiaomi Gaming Mouse uses an ergonomic design to make the mouse fit the arc of the palm better and bring a better user experience. With two rubber side skirts,Can help players gain a better gaming experience.

11.Simpler interface, more powerful software
The software specially developed for Xiaomi gaming mouse is compatible with Windows and macOS systems, which is convenient for users to set the mouse function. The software operation interface is very simple and can bring a more convenient user experience.








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