Original SOOCAS SOOCARE V1 V2 X1 X3 X3U X5 Replacement Toothbrush Head 2PCS


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Main Features

● Ultrasonic electric toothbrush can effectively remove plaque and reduce gingival necrosis.
● The appearance of the 3D brush adapts to the luster of the teeth. The small and delicate brush head is easy to touch inside your mouth.
● Adopt DuPont American tynex classic 0.152mm bristles, brush approved by FDA and UV sterilized.
● Vacuum packaging, medical safety standards.
● This type is suitable for people who smoke or drink coffee.
● Suitable for soocare X3 and soocas X3 electric toothbrushes.

Package Contents:
2 x Toothbrush Heads


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