Original Huawei Mate 10 Touch LCD Display


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Main Features

1. Replace the LCD display + touch screen digitizer assembly of Huawei Mate 10 .
2. Replace the old, broken, cracked, or damaged one.
3. Make your device look fresher than ever.
4. Completely fit and work.
5. Each item has been inspected before transportation and is in good condition.
6. Professional installation is strongly recommended. Once the screen is installed, we will not take any responsibility.

Precautions before installation
1. Tip 1: Before installation
During the test, please do not remove any protective film or label. Please pay attention to static electricity.
Before trying any repairs, make sure you are grounded through an ESD (electrostatic discharge) belt. This prevents static electricity from damaging the electronic components inside the phone.
Make sure to wear goggles and take care not to cut your fingers with glass fragments.
2. Tip 2: Simulation test
Screen replacement is a very fragile product. It is strongly recommended to test before installation. Please perform a simulation test, which means separate the phone (main board + LCD or screen), connect the audio cable and replace with a new cable, then turn on the power and the test is complete. If the test is normal, please install it. If it cannot be displayed, please contact us as soon as possible. And please do not force it to be installed in the phone. Once the screen is installed, we will not take any responsibility.
3. Tip 3: Do not excessively bend the cable
Make sure that the LCD cable is not bent excessively. Bending over 90 degrees will cause a black display.


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