Original Deerma Household Air Humidifier Air Purifying Mist Maker Timing With Intelligent Touch Screen Adjustable Fog Quantity


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Main Features

Deerma Humidifiers 5L Large Mute Ultrasound Capacity Sterilization Humidifier Air Aroma Diffuser Purifier Mist Maker
– With stable bottom, it can be conveniently placed on flat ground for using.
– It can humidify the air-conditioned room effectively.
– It can accurately detect indoor temperature, and the temperature can be clearly displayed.
– With timing function, you can adjust the humidifying time easily.
– Three adjustable gears of fog quantity are designed for meeting different needs.
– With supercharging turbine design, the wind can be sent out easily.
– With large capacity water tank, more practical for daily use.
– Low noise design can provide you a comfortable using environment.
– If there is no water in the water tank, it will automatically cut off the electricity.
– Easy to operate with simple buttons.
Capacity: 5L
Material: ABS
Rated power: 25W
Working voltage: 220V 50Hz
Noise: 36dB and less
application of the fog. 340ml / h
Applicable area: 25 – 30 square meters
Use Instructions:
1. Lift the tank and unscrew the lid of the tank.
2. Put the tank upside down and turn on the knob.
3. Fill the tank with water.
4. Turn the knob back and put the tank in place.
5. Adjust the quantity of fog and start using.
Make sure you have filled the tank with water before using.
Do not touch any part of the product with wet hands.
Please place the humidifier on the flat floor or other flat platforms.
Product weight:1.2600 kg
Package weight:1.7000 kg
product size (l x w x h):21.80 x 21.80 x 33.20 cm / 8.58 x 8.58 x 13.07 inches
Package size (L x W x H):23.00 x 23.00 x 35.00 cm / 9.06 x 9.06 x 13.78 inches
Package Contents:1 x humdifier
Household humidifier Air Purifying Mist Maker
Intelligent Screen
Real-time thermal
Double Purification
Large capacity
Sensitive Touch Panel
It is sensitive to the temperature of the fingertips and responds quickly in 0.01 seconds
Sensitive Touch Panel
It is sensitive to the temperature of the fingertips and responds quickly in 0.01 seconds
After adjusting the appropriate quantity of fog
The quantity of fog shows flicker, and it detects room temperature
Display the real-time temperature after flashing for 5 seconds
Warm tip: when the real-time temperature display is too low or too high, you need to adjust the appropriate room temperature, so as not to cause physical discomfort
ABS Purification Water Tank
It can effectively inhibit the breeding of more than 99.9% of bacteria, healthy and safe
Recyclable Activated Carbon Filter
The honeycomb holes of the filter screen can absorb impurities and fine dust in the air, so as to purify the air
Honeycomb holes
Washiable design
A.Small clearance design on the filter
B.Harmful gas molecules pass through the filter
C.They're absorbed by the gap
Large Capacity Water Tank
In the case of using the maximum quantity of fog, it can continue to humidify for about 15 hours, more practical
It's the equivalent of 20pcs 250ml mineral water
Three Adjustable Fog Quantity Gears
You can adjust the quantity of fog according to different environmental requirements or personal preferences
First gear
Suitable for spring use
Second gear
Suitable for air conditioning room in summer
Third gear
Suitable for dry autumn and summer
and winter use
Warm tip: the mist quantity above provides reference only, you can adjust according to actual use circumstance
12 Hours Timing + Night Mode
Humidification time can be adjusted, long press the timing key, it will automatically switch to night mode, and will not disturb your sleep
Intelligent screen is normal
Room temperature displays with soft light
Long pressing the timing button
The screen doesn't show temperature
Hidden Comfortable Handle
Convenient for lifting of water tank
2 Optional Colors
Use Instructions
1.Lift the tank and unscrew the lid of the tank
2.Put the tank upside down and turn on the konb
3.Fill the tank with water
4.Turn the knob back and put the tank in place
5.Adjust the quantity of fog and start using
Since the product belongs to the original Chinese plug, we usually provide you with an adapter option.
Please refer to the plug type to select your adapter option.
Thank you for your understanding.


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